British children in the 13 years, becomes a father

Became a British student in the 13-year-old the youngest father in Britain, where the livelihoods of the girl, his girlfriend, which does not exceed the 15-year-old, as newspapers reported today.

alvi Patten acknowledged that he did not think how he and his girlfriend Sieil Chantelle Steadman girl who Asmiaha Messi Roxanne, because it did not receive even “pocket money from parents.” “When my mother learned about it, I thought I was in trouble.”

The newspaper “The Sun” on its front page a picture of a baby boy who was born in Eastbourne, southern England. The boy, who appears younger than one year and not exceed 122 cm in length, “we wish to keep the baby but we were worried about the reaction of the people. I did not know how I feel when it will become a father. But I would be a good father of the girl child and Reetaha.” However, he acknowledged, “not thinking about the issue of costs and how it Sanfq. So I do not get pocket money. WOIPPY sometimes give me 10 pounds (11 euros).”

Said Dennis Patten (45 years) and father of alvi that his son is fully committed to the new parental duties. He said the boy “could not care and sit in the house to play. But he went to the hospital every day.”

Chantelle took the girl child after having sex one time without protection with not more than two thousand years and then 12 years, according to the paper

One Response to “British children in the 13 years, becomes a father”

  1. barok.eszter Says:

    I seriously doubt he is the youngest father of all times.

    BTW, was this post translated by some online program? Just because of the add word order and structure. I’m just experimenting with online translating programs for my site, that’s why I’m wondering.

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